Thursday, November 8, 2012

Is This The Little Boy At Play?

Most of the moms I know who have a blog do pretty regular posts about their kids.
It makes me feel a little behind the game, because I have not done a single post dedicated just to Arthur. And really, that's a crying shame, because Arthur? He's awesome. And growing and changing FAST.
So today, for no better reason than I am procrastinating cleaning my craft/guest room/dumping ground, here's a little something for my bouncing baby boy.

Arthur, 16 months (and three weeks!)

Arthur, Arthur, Arthur. Where do I begin? You are so, one hundred percent YOU. I thought I knew a lot, was ready to be a Mama, had tons of experience with lots of different kinds of kids. You seem to want to prove me wrong at every turn.

You are strong-willed.
You do not like wearing shoes or socks. You love to climb, and frequently get stuck. You like to do things on your own, but when you want my help you know that there is no substitute (especially when it involves going down the stairs).

You are well behaved.
You spent the entire week leading up to the election at Daddy's office or in the car and you hardly complained. Daddy's co-worker kept saying sarcastically "You guys seriously need to have a happier kid." At church you are friendly to everyone and so happy to be around the big kids and even the little babies. All that being sad, you are capable of throwing one heck of a temper tantrum.

You take after your parents - you like to sleep.
You don't like getting into your crib and often fight and cry when we put you in it, but almost immediately you remember what you get to do there and settle down. And then you sleep. And sleep. And sleep some more. You sleep about 10 hours every night and 2 hours during your afternoon nap. It's one of the reasons your Mama loves you so much.

You talk.
You say: Ball, Hi, Mama, Daddy, Doggy (sort of), "Whadis?,  Night Night, Banana, Light, More, No, Yeah and Uh Oh! I'm sure I've forgetting some. You call books, balls. We're working on that.

You are adorable.

I mean, really, really cute. You have suddenly discovered that you like to read and will bring me book after book to read to you. You like to dance. You love to spin. You like to run and run and run. You love to be outside and you hate that it's too cold for you to play in the yard all the time. You occasionally give us hugs and kisses but you are very careful about when you hand out affection. You have 8 teeth and a big mop of curly hair that gets lots of comments from old ladies at the grocery store. You like to stack things, roll things, throw things and (unfortunately) hit things.

You are wonderful and frustrating and perfect and nothing like we expected and everything we hoped for.