Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Have Confidence In Me

Our front door has had the same little spring flower bough on it since March. Around the time I thought I could make spring come by decorating for it. Now, we're well into fall and that spring decoration finally came down today!
The best part? I made the replacement! All by myself! During only one nap time and using only a few store bought items! Go Me!
So. Gasp. This (you have been warned) is a craft post.

The cast of characters
Please Excuse the awful lighting and the obvious mess. I have to spend nap times in the basement playroom or I wake up the lightest sleeper in the world.

I started by wrapping the foam ring with strips of a fall-looking fabric I picked up at a garage sale eons ago. I think it used to be a pillowcase. 

Unfortunately, at some point when I was cutting the strips I had a little accident and didn't notice until I was done wrapping. Random stick-thingy to the rescue! I just attached it with floral wire. 

So you wanna see the final product? Do ya?

Ta Da!

Not perfect, but I'm darn happy with it. 

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