Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Food Glorious Food!

My Pinterest habit is getting out of control. I just love it so much. I love that I can find all sorts of things for Arthur and I can look at pretty things and get ideas for the house and my closet and travel and oh my.

I ESPECIALLY love the recipes.  It's super going to help do #27 on my 30 before 30 list.

Try a new recipe at least twice a month (0/72)

A total of 72 recipes seems like a whole lot, especially because up until the last few weeks I haven't been keeping track of any new recipes I've tried.
That's another thing that Pinterest is helping me out with...remembering things. I created a board to put the things that I've actually DONE. I'm calling it "Tried It, Made It, Ate It, Did It".

I wanted to share with you the best recipes I've posted to that board so far and also write down the tweaks that I did so I'll remember them in the future.

First Up:

The Pioneer Woman's Spicy Whiskey BBQ Sliders
These were to die for. 
I made them for Super Bowl Sunday. Skyler and I have a tradition where we make absolutely no plans for the Super Bowl and then decide last minute that we really want to watch the game (and the commercials) and what's our DVR for if not to record Downton Abbey so we can watch the Super Bowl but what's a Super Bowl with snack food and will you please go to the store and pick some stuff up? This year we did our tradition around 3 pm. Kickoff was at 5. I had food on the table by halftime! 
We don't eat a lot of beef in our house...steaks and burgers in the summer, chili, stew and roast in the winter and the occasional goulash. Football without a hamburger though? Sacrilege! This recipe I could happily make again and again. I scaled it down for us, using a little less than a pound of ground beef. I also substituted canned jalepenos for the jarred she used because I live in Wisconsin and while there are shelves and shelves and shelves of pickled herring and sauerkraut there's not so much a selection of peppers. 
The other big reason I love this recipe is that I can have two hamburgers and not feel bad, because they're sliders and they're little :)
Try it. Tonight. 

Our other favorite recipe I've tried is My Recipes Fish Tacos
Fish Tacos with Lime-Cilantro Crema Recipe

Yum Yum Yum
I don't even like fish tacos. At all. I usually scrunch my nose up at Skyler when he orders them.
When I saw this recipe I knew it would make him happy. Who knew it was going to make me happy too? I didn't use red snapper, I used tilapia, because honestly I was at the store and forgot what kind of fish I was supposed to buy.
Incidentally I misspelled tilapia just now and the suggestion on spellcheck was "tipple". What's a tipple?
I also used plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream...I don't really ever use sour cream anymore. Greek yogurt works the same way and it adds extra protein!

So there we are! I'm cooking! And not the same 25 recipes I always ALWAYS cook.
Awesome sauce.

***Try a new recipe at least twice a month (8/72)***


  1. Those burgers look fabulous! We had a spur-of-the-moment Super Bowl party, which involved me picking up guacamole, buffalo wings, and burger ingredients a half-hour before game time. My husband didn't get home from work until the middle of the second quarter, but I had everything prepared. Since we hadn't had anything planned, he was pretty surprised.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog posts! Feel free to swing by my blog at . :)

  2. Hi Tipple, Your blog is funny and informative at the same time. This is Anna from DSM by the way! I am reading it at work today, and am thoroughly enjoying it. I never knew the story that you just posted – what a tragedy. Take care of yourself today and always, lady!

  3. Thanks Anna! I'm glad you're enjoying the get back to work! :)