Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And that's my new philosophy

In my high school, everyone wanted to take a class with a man named Ernie Gulner. He taught The Bible as Literature and Philosophy. It was a really important class to a lot of people. I have to admit, it was an important class to me too.
One of the books we read in the class was “The Alchemist” by Paulo Cohelo. He has become one of my favorite authors, but that first book I read of his will always have a special place in my heart. Probably one of the more famous lines, and one that I remind myself of on a pretty frequent basis is this:

“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

My momma the minister refers to this phenomenon as a “God thing.”
Whatever you want to call it, it happened to me recently in the most clear and obvious way. I read a blog post from an old childhood friend one day. It hit me hard...really hard. And I decided that’s it. I’m done with this “circumstances are what they are, my husband and I have to live apart right now” thing. I’m just done. I got online that night, applied for seven jobs in Pueblo and drafted a resignation letter. By the time I had a chance to turn in the resignation letter I had had a phone interview. At the end of the phone conversation, they offered me a live interview. They wanted to schedule it for the next weekend. I already had a plane ticket to fly to Colorado for that weekend. About an hour after my live interview, they called and offered me the job. And it’s a good job, in my field, working for people I care about.
I think the universe totally conspired. God did God’s thing.
In this horrible economy, where people go months, even years not finding work, I was able to have probably the easiest job search in the history of mankind. How did this happen? Seriously? How did I get so lucky?
I blame it on letting go. I was fighting to hold onto something...don’t ask me what. Probably control. Once I just let go, things fell into place just the way they were meant to.
And I’m so happy that I get to live with this guy...



  1. I got chills reading this post. Congrats on the new job and getting to start your married life WITH your husband. It's amazing how God finds ways to work in our lives. I had a miserable experience my Freshman year of college, left halfway through the year, lived at home for the remainder and worked at Caribou. I started over again as a freshman at St Olaf the next fall and week 1 met my now wonderful husband Ian, living one floor below me in my dorm. If I hadn't had such a horrible year none of this would be happening now. I am so glad that your journey wasn't nearly as painful. And now you get to start married life with an even great appreciation of your husband. I am so happy for you!

  2. Missy! I am so excited for you! You get to live in the, state AND HOME as your husband! It must be a wonderful feeling! Enjoy your packing/unpacking, even though it seems as though that is what you were just up to... ENJOY!