Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I miss the music, I miss the song

So have I mentioned that I live precisely 785 miles from my husband?
Well...I do. How bizarro is that?
We’ve lived apart since April. This means that it’s been 4 months now. Out of those 4 months, we’ve seen each other 3 times.
One time in May we each drove a really long way and met up in Wichita, Kansas for the weekend. That’s how much I love this guy...I was willing to go to KANSAS. I guess he loves me too, since his opinion of Kansas can pretty much be summed up with this picture.
What can I say? We both went to Mizzou!

The second time we saw each other, we got married. Taken out of context, that sentence could be really funny! Seriously though, he flew in to Kansas City, I drove down from Des Moines and picked him up. Then we drove to Columbia together, had a rehearsal, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, and a wedding reception. We followed this with a 3 day “mini-moon” in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Then I drove him back to the airport and we said goodbye. It was a huge blur.

Our wedding was pretty fabulous though, I’m not going to lie.

Aren’t the folks at Avia Photography amazing?

The last time we saw each other was over the Fourth of July. We spent the day Saturday exploring Pueblo. On Sunday, we drove up to meet some friends, visit the Rocky Mountain National Park and watch fireworks. Then on Monday we checked out Boulder and Denver and I flew home that evening.

Snowballs! On Independence Day!

If you were keeping count that’s 12 days in 4 months. This is after 4 years together. Seriously 4 years TOGETHER. As in we’ve spent practically every day with each other since we officially became a couple. The longest we’ve ever spent apart before was when he went to Mexico with his family in 2007. That was 6 days and I thought I was going to die.
How do we do it?

Well, we don’t do it all that well. I notice us bickering over the DUMBEST things. I cry all the time. In fact, I spend every Saturday bawling in my car in the parking lot of my church. EVERY SATURDAY. I generally have to sprint out at the end of the service so no one will see me lose it. I’m pretty sure he hasn’t eaten anything other than Spaghetti or Chipotle in about a month. And our dog is going through all the classic signs of traumatized post-divorce children.

But we have the benefit of technology. We have video chat and cell phones and Facebook.
We have both been watching the X-Files on Netflix and it’s almost like watching it together.
And we both have thrown ourselves into our work.

Hopefully, this whole thing is very temporary. We will be together again soon. For the next 60+ years or so.
And my next post will be a little more happy-go-lucky. Maybe I’ll tell you what I think about the darn X-Files.

Signing off...

Good Night and Good Luck....

Have a pleasant tomorrow...

Ok, I’m still working on how to end these things.


  1. Is there a time set that you will be living together again? Or is it kind of up in the air?

  2. It's totally up in the air. It could be in three weeks...or three months...or a year. Hopefully I'll have answers soon.
    We want to start a family and it's REALLY hard to do that if you don't live in the same timezone.