Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wilkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome!

I might as well start this blog with a confession. I am addicted to the blogosphere. My google reader is out of control, I can barely get through glancing through all my un-read articles in one day, and I have never once actually read every single post. I mostly follow blogs about housekeeping, homesteading, cooking, baking, gardening, crafts and antiquing/vintage treasure hunting. Oh...and weddings. I have a thing for weddings. I truly have an interest in the subjects of the blogs I follow. The problem? I’m a horrible housekeeper. I don’t homestead (although the Boy and I dream of having a farm like this one someday). I cook and bake...but rarely deviate from the same 20 recipes. I haven’t planted anything since the bean sprouts you plant in a Styrofoam cup in 4th grade. I scrapbook and quilt...but I’m really pretty terrible. I can barely thread my sewing machine properly. In fact I’ve only had it for a few months. I’m too broke to buy any of the vintage treasures or antiques I find in real life or on the interwebs. And I was probably the most disorganized future Mrs. on the planet.
My other problem? It’s this: I don’t feel like I have all that much in common with most of the women out there writing blogs about the things I’m into. Isn’t that weird? Wouldn’t you think that I would, since we like the same things?

Here’s the deal.

For the most part, they are: Women in their 30s-40s, 
, Stay at Home Moms who homeschool their kids. They are people with backgrounds in graphic design/fashion/interior design/art

. They all seem to be amazing photographers who are 

religiously conservative, politically conservative, 

perfect at everything and 
not into anything geeky.

On the other hand,

I am: In my mid-20s, married (but living hundreds of miles away from my husband), working for a non-profit (long hours, low pay and an unsteady schedule), no kids, though I do want to be a SAHM someday. When I am a mom, 
I will never home-school my kids. I believe wholeheartedly in the power and worth of the Public Education system. 
My background is in political organizing and theatre. And the care of Special Needs Individuals. And LGBT rights. And women’s rights. And civil rights in general. And the labor movement. And a whole bunch of other things that will in no way help me design or run a blog
. My only camera is an old Kodak EasyShare with a cracked screen
. I consider myself a Progressive Christian...very progressive, very Christian
. I'm lousy at everything
 and I'm into everything Geeky (Stars (both Wars and Trek), Joss Whedon, Reading fantasy literature, video games, musical get the picture.

This is me...


Anywho, I can’t help thinking there are other people out there like me. People who want a blog from a person who is their age, and is traditional, but not conservative. Maybe that’s what this really is. A blog about my journey to becoming a contradiction in terms. A progressive traditionalist. A different kind of homemaker. 
I want to share my adventures in making a budget and reducing our debt. In figuring out this whole sewing thing. In surviving living in a rental. In reducing (but probably not eliminating) my carbon footprint. In muddling through a long distance marriage. In watching my way through Star Trek. And I want to do it without every other post making you feel bad because you don’t home-school your (possibly non-existent) children or understand the Bible references I use to describe why I baked a pie. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll still be reading those blogs. And enjoying them to pieces. I’m just going to try to go in a new direction. 

Bonus points if you got the Glee reference. 


  1. Hey! Loved the post...also LOVE reading blogs! I am sure I will enjoy yours! :)

  2. Ummm, are we the same person? Part of why I LOVE blogs is reconnecting with people I've lost touch with and realizing how much we all have in common. Can't wait to read more!
    P.S. It's my dream to live in a big old house in Excelsior someday too. Neighbors?

  3. And our kids can be in Girl Scouts together! Or, at the rate I'm going, your kids can babysit mine. Sigh.
    I have a response to your post from today but I'm still trying to formulate my thoughts into words that make sense.

  4. Also, PS, your blog is one of the few exceptions to the ones I described in this post. I have a folder in my Reader entitled "friends blogs" and that's where yours is. I always get so excited when there is an update in there because I know I'll relate at least a LITTLE more to what you have to say!